You really didn’t have to tell me that


I just bought a new iron. The old one died a horrible death. After about a year of having a duct tape “patch” on the side to keep the water from leaking, and having to push the ON button 5 or so times for it to actually turn on, I laid it to rest.

It was indeed a sad day. I am frugal. I make no attempts to hide that fact. Everyone knows I will try to get the absolute most use out of any product, and try to get the best value for every dollar I spend. It pained me so to replace a still “working” appliance. The Hubs made me. He really made me. He told me we were not leaving the store without one and that I had to throw the fire hazard out.  He also told me that if I didn’t pick one, that he would.  I surely didn’t want him to pick one for me, so, needless to say, I spent the money for a good one…even though it hurt!!!

Along with being a little thrifty, I am also a little nutty about reading instructions for everything I purchase. I was skimming through the instruction manual and I came across this little gem of information to share with you.


I laughed alone, and loudly. This warning was put there because someone DID try to iron their clothes while they were on.

No one ever had to tell me that!!!!!!!



I am a work at home mom. I have three great kids, Macie 18, Trent 15, and the newest addition to our family is Layna, who is a whole 6 months old! I love to stay home and take care or my kids, The Hubs and my home! I sew and craft and create to stay sane! My mind is a constant blur of a million projects!
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3 Responses to You really didn’t have to tell me that

  1. nanacathy2 says:

    Yup it really happens! Had to explain to a young man ( no relation) that work shirts should be ironed first and not as an after thought immediately before leaving the house!
    PS The husband was right ( it pains me to say that). I had an iron catch fire. Fused the house. Not funny!

    • NANCY says:

      Years ago I forgot to turn one off before church and I got to it just as it was catching a baby blanket on fire. Now, I only buy models with auto shut off, and I keep my ironing board clear of all fabrics!

  2. Jennie says:

    I also love the warning to not blow dry your hair while in the shower….amazing some of the warnings they have to put on things

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