Instant spiced tea

This recipe has fond memories for me. My grandmother always made this. I can remember drinking this with her throughout my childhood.  She called it friendship tea. I’m not sure if it was the actual name for this recipe or that she called it  friendship tea because she gave it to many people as gifts. I have her handwritten recipe packed away…somewhere… for safe keeping. I would share it, but I can’t remember the exact amounts for it. I gave the items used so maybe you could make it work!

This tea is one of the things that can bring back some of the past if only for just a few minutes.

Grandmas original recipe calls for all of the full sugar varieties, however mine does not. My recipe is for a sugar-free version.  It is lightly sweetened only by the artificial sweetener from the orange drink mix.

Start with a 3 ounce jar of instant Lipton unsweetened tea. Pour all of it into a container or large ziplock bag. (original recipe calls for Lipton sweetened lemon instant tea)

Add two packets Great Value orange early rise drink mix. These are the big packets used to make a pitcher of drink and not the single serve packets for bottles of water. (this brand tastes more like the original Tang breakfast drink mix used for the sugar version)

add 1/3 packet Kool-Aid lemonade. Pink Lemonade or regular yellow will work. (original recipe got the lemon flavor from the lemon flavored tea)

Add 1 teaspoon of cinnamon, or other spice.

Shake to mix.

Add two to three teaspoons to a mug of hot water, stir and enjoy! My kids like to add a Splenda packet or sugar for added sweetness!



I am a work at home mom. I have three great kids, Macie 18, Trent 15, and the newest addition to our family is Layna, who is a whole 6 months old! I love to stay home and take care or my kids, The Hubs and my home! I sew and craft and create to stay sane! My mind is a constant blur of a million projects!
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