The value of handmade….

I read a bit of a blog the other day but I can’t remember who it belonged to, sorry! 🙂 The comment was made that people expected to pay more for quality things that are handmade. This thought totally knocked me for a loop.
For some reason tonight as I was sewing, this blog  popped into my thoughts. If this IS true, I feel I need to readjust my ways of thinking.
Growing up, if we needed something for a special occasion, it HAD to be made by Grandmother. Halloween costumes were always made by hand as well. If it was expensive to buy and it could be made, it was. Money was the reason things were sewn. Most of the time I wanted something store bought.
When my two oldest children were young, I saved as much money as I could by altering and mending clothes to get as much use as possible. I did sew some outfits and other things for them, and costumes and dress up clothes were always handmade.  I wasn’t quite the seamstress I am today, but I did all I could to save every dime possible.
Throughout the years my skills have blossomed … I sew for actual paying customers now!
With my youngest, I sew everything for her. I sew now because it’s fun and satisfying.  90% of everything she has, has been made by me. I love that no one else has the same things she has. I love to say that I made it.
In my mind somehow, I have the thoughts that hand sewn items are less valuable than mass produced ones. That maybe things that are homemade are only made because they can’t be found elsewhere. It seems that may not be the case. I think maybe I have always thought about handmade as just that, handmade. Possibly  because I had so many sewn things throughout my life, that it seems ordinary to me. I have always been amazed at how much people will pay for sewn items. I just always looked at the stuff and said “I can make that!”   Now I am dressing my littlest in mostly all sewn items!
Has hand crafted clothing somehow become more valuable to us because it is such unique products and it caters to our need to have what no one else has?  Or because fewer people can actually sew? Or because there is such junk in the readily available (inexpensive) mass market?
I’m hoping for some of your thoughts on this. 🙂



I am a work at home mom. I have three great kids, Macie 18, Trent 15, and the newest addition to our family is Layna, who is a whole 6 months old! I love to stay home and take care or my kids, The Hubs and my home! I sew and craft and create to stay sane! My mind is a constant blur of a million projects!
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3 Responses to The value of handmade….

  1. Jennie says:

    it amazes me as well how much people are willing to pay for something hand made…I think it’s maybe because people want something more personal, and don’t have the time and/or skills to make it themselves

  2. salpal1 says:

    I agree that people seem to be wiliing to pay for handmade – sometimes. But when one figures in all the time spent to make something, even at the “more” price, we are still working for pennies an hour, often. Maybe not so much with sewing, but try doing some intricate handknitting and getting paid a decent hourly rate. I haven’t yet figured out how to do that. Has anyone else?
    If it could happen, I would be glad to sit and knit 40 hours a week and sell what I make. Anyone able to help?

  3. Ah, this is a condundrum in my own life. When I was growing up, if your mother sewed your clothes, it meant that she was trying to save money. Now, however, the fabrics are so expensive that it is usually less expensive to buy the item ready-made from the store than to buy the fabric and make it yourself.

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