IRONING- How to do it less #2

This is part 2 in how to do less ironing, to see the first one, visit this link!

This is a laundry problem that absolutely drives me crazy.  Tags. Tags drive me crazy. I cut the tags from all of my clothes, but I can’t do that for everyone. I promised myself I would never cut the tags out of clothes that I knew would be handed down or donated like baby and kids clothes. I always hated getting a hand me down and there was no tag. You just have to guess at the size. I knew I would want to cut them out so I had to find a solution to keep them from bothering me, and the kiddo. I knew I would not want to sew each one down. That would be too much work.

They come out of the dryer in a rolled and wrinkled mess. Then they HAVE to be ironed.

The solution I came up with is using my Heatbond seam tape. This REALLY works! This stuff is your friend. Once you start using it, you will continue to find uses for it!

I prefer the Heatbond brand. I’ve used others, but for whatever reason, this is the one I buy if they have it.  It comes in different sizes, but I just by the widest rolls. I learned that I could cut it lengthwise to make it whatever width I needed. I also buy the big sheet rolls For my large projects. I love this stuff!

Press the tag down flat.

Cut the seam tape to match the size of the tag and place it underneath it. BE SURE THE TAPE IS COMPLETELY UNDER THE TAG. You don’t want to get this mess on your iron!

Press with hot iron for 20 or 25 seconds on each side. Follow the directions on your package to get specific time amount. Thicker fabrics take longer.

Wait for it to cool. Done! It really stays put for lots of washes when it’s done correctly!

Have a weird lining that wrinkles up after each wash and requires an ironing?

Use little bits of Heatbond to make it stay put. I save the little pieces I tear off from other projects and leave them on my ironing board pin holder. I also keep a roll on my ironing board. I’ve found that most clothes hardly need any ironing at all if you fix the problem areas once with the seam tape!

Bows and such that won’t lay flat? Pants pockets  and cuffs and many other things can be completely eliminated from the iron pile if you fix the problem areas with the heatbond! YAY! Less ironing!



I am a work at home mom. I have three great kids, Macie 18, Trent 15, and the newest addition to our family is Layna, who is a whole 6 months old! I love to stay home and take care or my kids, The Hubs and my home! I sew and craft and create to stay sane! My mind is a constant blur of a million projects!
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