Fancy Pants tutorial


Looking for ideas for cute spring bottoms for my little one, I stumbled across long winter denim pants at Target for an unbeatable clearance price.  If you have read any of my blogs, you know I’m all about stretching that dollar!  Because of the great price (next to nothing) I bought 3 identical pair of long denim jeans in the next size up from what Little One was wearing at that time.

For one pair, I cut them off at capri length and used that wonderful product I love so much…Heat N Bond…and folded up a cute little cuff! I have yet to decide what to do with the third pair.

For the second pair, I wanted to do something sweet and girlie. Something she could wear all the way into the fall. I made her some Fancy Pants!


DSCF8769 DSCF8770

I used some left-over lace that I had from a past project. I think any lace or ribbon could be used for dressing up denim! This would also be great for winter pants that still fit in the waist, but not in the length!  Kids grow so fast! I love it when I can salvage clothes for the next season!

DSCF8771 DSCF8772

The first step is to lay pants out flat and even… iron if necessary.

Next, make a straight cut a little shorter than the desired length. You will have some added length from the lace.  In my case I cut 1/2 inch shorter.


Measure two pieces of lace 1 inch longer than the overall measurement of your pants leg. Set lace aside for now.


Zig-zag or serge around the raw edge of the denim to prevent fraying.


Fold lace over 1/4 inch on both ends, iron, then stitch flat.

Starting at the inner thigh seam, pin the lace around the bottom edge of the pants leg.




Sew the lace to the denim all the way around overlapping your ending stitches with your starting stitches 1/2 inch or so.

I Like to sew around twice, about 1/4  inch apart.



For the last step, sew across the ends of the lace for added security. This keeps the two lace ends neat and flat.





Now we have some “Fancy Pants” for spring!

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I did it!


After just looking at my new serger for months without ever opening the box or turning it on, I finally did it.


I turned it on…. for the first time!

I spent several hours playing with it.  Once I began to feel a little more at ease, I thought I’d try to make a simple outfit. I found a couple of $1 fat quarters from my stash.  I couldn’t possibly justify using anything more expensive on a project that could very well end up in the trash.  With that, I cut out one of the easiest patterns I have and away I went!


I made a simple pillowcase romper for my little one! Though it is not perfect, it is symmetrical  and cute…. and wearable! What more could you ask for?  I am quite amazed that I made a successful outfit at the first sitting with this machine!  I am now feeling confident enough with my new skills that I cut out a dress to sew for her this morning.

I wish I had unpacked it as soon as it arrived.  I can’t believe I had been so intimidated by it’s very existence that I waited so long to use it!

Though I have loads more to learn about sewing with this machine, I think I did pretty well.  It was not as scary as I made it out to be in my mind!  I think I will make friends with my serger and we will create many more things in the future!

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I just keep looking at it….

It just sits there, taunting me. I catch myself looking at it.


After a very long time of being taped up and nestled in its box, stashed under my cutting table, I have finally unpacked it. I made a space for it and even plugged it in.


I read its owners manual from cover to cover.  Side-note: it would have been really nice for the manufacturer to have gone the extra mile and used color photos in the book  😦

I have purchased AND read two books on serging…twice. I also searched my old friend Pinterest for tutorials and tips.

But still……. it sits there. I have never even turned the power on. I just look at it.

I think tomorrow might be the day.  I will flip that tiny little switch and press the pedal.  Wish me luck!

Does anyone have any tips….. or encouragement?

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Leopard Love


Let me first say that I am not now, nor have I ever really been a huge fan of animal prints, but………

I am so smitten with the newest addition to my Etsy shop, that I had to share it with you! I have had this fabric forever. To be honest, I have had this exact pair of shoes cut out since about October. I usually make the “model” pair in my baby’s size.  She automatically gets one of everything I sew! Lucky girl!!! I have waited so long to get this pair, and several others finished, that now they are too small for her. They turned out so good I will have to make another pair for her!


You can check them out here:

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Picky Princess

Lately, the little one, now 11 months old, has become very picky in her eating. She won’t eat anything that isn’t dry. If the bite is not dry when she touches it, she immediately drops it and will not touch it, or anything else that looks like it again. This includes all veggies, meats and pasta. She went from LOVING any type of veggie, even spinach, to not wanting any!

The extent of what she WILL eat lately consists of cheerios, toast, grilled cheese, pancake, tortilla, cheese, and freeze dried fruit. She will only let me feed her yogurt, applesauce, and oatmeal. That’s it.

I even tried some different jars of baby food. Did I mention she doesn’t like meat either?

I know babies will eat when they get hungry and you should not to force them to eat, but starches and fruits do not make for a balanced diet. I had even gone as far as to smash some veggies inside the cheerio middle.  The need for veggies has forced me to get a little creative.


I bought some whole wheat tortillas and started making veggie quesadillas. This, she will eat!  Sneaky little veggies in that dry toasty tortilla! Any combination of peas, carrots, tomato, green beans, squash,anything that will mash up a little.I have added different veggies and sometimes meats with the cheese.  In the meantime, I am still offering her other foods along with the quesadilla for when she decides to eat wet foods again!

I welcome any suggestions you may have for sneaking in some veggies!

***On a side note, I highly recommend one of these rounded cutters to all the moms out there!  This is such a time saver! We have used them in the kitchen for years… even my big kids use them!  I picked up this particular one  at Target for about $10. Worth every penny!

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You really didn’t have to tell me that


I just bought a new iron. The old one died a horrible death. After about a year of having a duct tape “patch” on the side to keep the water from leaking, and having to push the ON button 5 or so times for it to actually turn on, I laid it to rest.

It was indeed a sad day. I am frugal. I make no attempts to hide that fact. Everyone knows I will try to get the absolute most use out of any product, and try to get the best value for every dollar I spend. It pained me so to replace a still “working” appliance. The Hubs made me. He really made me. He told me we were not leaving the store without one and that I had to throw the fire hazard out.  He also told me that if I didn’t pick one, that he would.  I surely didn’t want him to pick one for me, so, needless to say, I spent the money for a good one…even though it hurt!!!

Along with being a little thrifty, I am also a little nutty about reading instructions for everything I purchase. I was skimming through the instruction manual and I came across this little gem of information to share with you.


I laughed alone, and loudly. This warning was put there because someone DID try to iron their clothes while they were on.

No one ever had to tell me that!!!!!!!

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As promised




This is the great find I got just before Christmas. I picked up a few of these little outfits from a chain store’s clearance rack for almost nothing. I just knew I could do something really cute with them, and I think I have!


I carefully cut around the edges to save as much fabric as possible.

I prepped it just the same as I would if it came off a bolt from the fabric store, after all, it is just the same as any other new fabric.

Now I have brand new fabric to work with that most likely no one else has! YAY!!!!!!  I get a little too excited when I have a chance to get fabrics or notions that are vintage or limited stock.  Most of the time I don’t use them because I don’t want to “waste” them on the wrong project. I have a stack that just sits and taunts me, waiting for the day I find just the right project! Is anyone else fabric obsessed like that?


Here is what I did with my cutesy fabric finds!




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Her first Christmas


The tree has been behind a baby fence for the past few weeks. She has admired it, reached for it and plotted ways of how to get to it. Today was the day she finally got to explore!

It was such a wonderful, bittersweet day. There will never be another Christmas like this one. This was the first. The first cookies to taste, the first gifts ever to open, the first of all things Christmas. We took a billion pictures and tons of video to remember this one-of-a-kind day by.  It was amazing and wonderful and so, so sweet! What a beautiful day!

Merry Christmas Everyone!

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Making seam ripping easier


I bought some sweet little shirt and short sets at a summer clearance sale recently. They were marked down to nearly nothing. Nearly nothing meaning less than the cost of a fat quarter for both a shirt and pair shorts!!! I have no little boys anymore, but as I often do, I looked at these little sets and instantly had an idea of what to make from the fun fabrics. I will be posting on those sweet little projects later this week!

As you know, something like this requires some deconstruction…and a bit of seam ripping.

Along with my seam ripper, and all of the normal tools and gadgets for sewing, I keep a lint roller handy. It is irreplaceable to me when it comes to the task of seam ripping.


I start at one side and rip for a while, sometimes for the whole project.  I rip through all of the threads until the seam is completely open. I do not stop to pull them by hand or with tweezers unless they are really in there. I use the lint roller to “pick” out all the tiny threads. At the end of the job, the mess is stuck to the sticky roller and not in a pile or on the floor!



You will really be surprised at just how well and how fast this works! It is a big time saver for me.


I keep them handy for prepping fabric for appliques, jeweling and painting fabric too!

I do spend a little more money buying a quality roller with the tear off disposable sticky sheets. I have found they work best!

Happy crafting!

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Knock off bag tutorial

It is true that one woman’s trash is another’s treasure. In this case, it’s me who got the treasure!

My daughter took an interest in those super cute, super pricey, designer quilted bags. She asked for one and I said I’d go to the mall and have a look at them.  Let me tell you that a good look is all that I got. SUPER expensive for a SUPER tiny bag. It was only large enough to fit keys, phone, and a few essentials. Did I mention the price? More than a tank full of gasoline for her car!!!!!! I told her they were cute, but she would have to do without that purchase.

A few days later I was at my mom’s house. She had some bags given to her and offered me a look at what she didn’t want! There it was! In this pile of cast-offs was a cute quilted bag! It was not perfect, nor was it the designer label, but we don’t care about that! I took one look at it and knew I could transform it into the cute, tiny little bag she wanted…for FREE!

I took it home and got to work on it!


The before!

I started in one corner and seam ripped the entire bag bottom completely out.

We needed for it to be a cross body bag, so we needed one long strap rather than two. I marked about two inches up on two of the straps. One from each side of the bag on the opposite side from the other. (did that make any sense?) 

I pinned them out of the way, being sure not to pin through the entire bag.

After squaring the corners up, and pinning the bag together, I measured the width of the new bag across both the top and bottom, then marked the cutting line.

Before cutting, I seam ripped the zipper out on both ends just beyond the cutting line I made. I hand stitched a little tack at each point of the zipper seam to keep it from coming un-sewn in the future. Leaving the zipper intact will ensure it will not be damaged and can still be used in the new bag…I don’t ever like to do anything extra…like put in any zips that I don’t have to!!!!

Let the cutting begin! Notice the zip is still whole? It will stay that wat to the end.

Remove the pins and turn the bag with right sides facing. Square it up again and pin it along all sides.

I straight stitched with a couple of passes around the bag for extra strength. After stitching, trim around the new seam leaving about 1/4 inch or so.

I ran a short, narrow zigzag around the seam to stop any fraying that may happen.

Turn the bag right side out. The zipper ends will stay nicely in the bag. You can tack them in place before you turn the bag right side out if you wanted to.

I pinned back the little pieces left from the cut strap, then seam ripped a spot along the zipper just wide enough to slide the piece of strap into. I pinned it in to place then stitched it down following the original seam on the zipper.

And now we have arrived at the absolute hardest part of this entire project. Sewing the straps together. This should have been the easiest part, but I managed to make it time-consuming!

I opened up the seam on the straps about three inches, and pinned the lining down on each side. Simple enough.  

I joined up the creases from one strap to the other, then sewed everything back together.  

I did this three times. Then I finally got it right! 

I think it turned out well. It was waiting on her bed for her when she got home. She really liked it!!!

I turned a two-time cast-off into a bag that now gets compliments from her friends!  I’d say this was a win!

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